Commissions: The artist works on commission. If interested in pursuing a commission, send photographs of favorite landscapes, still lifes, or other subjects to the artist along with your inquiry (see "contact me" portion of this website).

"The way light works its way through a landscape is supplied by nature with not much room for improvement. I'm more interested in faithfully portraying that which inspires me to paint than I am in providing a personal interpretation.  It gives me some certainty that the finished work will be understood and will provide the viewer the same sense of beauty and peace that I first experienced." Rae Hamilton

Mostly Sunny 18x24
 Autumn Symphony 16x20
River Bend 18x24
Moonscape 16x20 
Reflections 18x24
View from a One Lane Bridge 18x24
Hemlock Gorge II 18x14
The Outsider 16x20